The flexibility is the ability to carry large amplitude movements and serves for reducing the resistance offered joint structures that are responsible for providing stability to the joint. Women generally tend to be more flexible than men, but why is this characteristic? We give you the key to why women have more flexibility and explain the reasons.

women doing yoga

Steps to follow:

1. The elasticity not only serves to prevent sports injuries or everyday also helps us avoid diseases that can feel every day. It is true that we all want to have a flexible and agile body since increasing elasticity also increases our agility. Flexibility helps us to feel better by reducing chronic tensionsstress and by improving our body’s posture and circulation.

2. The main cause of why women have more flexibility is because they secrete estrogen and they are responsible for the body to flex more easily; Estrogens are female hormones that are responsible for breast growth or the menstrual cycle.

3. Another reason that women are more flexible is because they have a greater fluid retention. Estrogens make the body retain water and with them it offers the connective tissues less density; by presenting lower density, flexibility increases.

4. Women are more flexible because they have an m in or muscle mass. By having more relaxed joints and less muscle tone, elasticity in women increases.

5. Another factor that makes women more flexible in the body is because their body has a higher percentage of fats that help the joints become more lax.

6. There are many ways to increase flexibility and there are even many exercises that make the body more flexible without leaving home. We can all improve our elasticity but you have to keep in mind that not everyone has the same flexibility and these differences are noticeable between men and women.

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